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Omspant de wereld.

Vanaf september 2019 verschijnen de
eerste nieuwe boeken van Meridiaan Uitgevers.

Copyright Danny Mer, Sollsuchstelle

Copyright Danny Mer, Sollsuchstelle

Nino Haratischwili

“ I’m absolutely convinced that, as so often in life, it comes down to the commitment of individuals. Nelleke Geel, for me, is such a person. She believed in my novel The Eighth Life (for Brilka) right from the beginning, she never doubted for a second (or she never showed it) that, with the right approach, it would find its way to the Dutch and Flemish readers. It was a wonderful, shared adventure that I would love to continue. So it was self-evident for me that I would join her on her new odyssee with Meridiaan Uitgevers, that I’m sure is going to be an exciting, daring, passionate and courageous one.”

Van Nino Haratischwili verschijnt haar nieuwe roman “De kat en de generaal” in september 2019 bij Meridiaan Uitgevers.



Hilary Mantel

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to be one of the first authors to join this new list. It was 2005 when I began work on the central project of my writing life, my trilogy of novels about Thomas Cromwell, minister to Henry VIII (and to some of his six wives.)

As I write the closing chapters of the final novel, I am happy to know that I join a trusted and distinguished publisher in a fresh venture, and that my future books will have the benefit of the expertise and skill of the team at Meridiaan Uitgevers 2.0.”

Van Hilary Mantel zijn nu te koop: “Acht maanden in de Gazastraat”, “De geest geven”, “Het boek Henry”,” Liefde verkennen”, “Een veiliger oord” en “Wolf Hall”.

Copyright Els Zweerink

Copyright Els Zweerink


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